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Crackle - hungrypigs - 01-10-2015

Here he is. He is a Tricolour.

[Image: 2015-01-09132054_zps3e392b23.jpg]

Pumpkin is also a Tricolour. Lucky is a black & tan teddy. I'm not sure if I did put photos up of them, I had them the same time as I had the other teddy sow Minnie. But I paired them to what I thought was a purebred teddy boar and I got normals in the litters, so the boar wasn't a purebred. Hopefully this time I will get teddy babies with Crackle.

RE: Crackle - Catherine - 01-10-2015

He is so cute!Heart
Crackle is a little sweetheart. He has a pretty face and he looks so loveable. He has nice colour too. Crossed with Lucky and Pumpkin you should get some nice colours.

I don't remember seeing pictures of the girls. Was it on the old forum or did you get them much more recently.

The teddy babies are the cutest. I can't wait to see them. I guess as spring comes on all your girls will have babies and you will have a full house of little ones. That is something to look forward to during these cold winter days.