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RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 04-09-2016

That is a lot of interesting birds. You really get  an amazing variety.

I saw some Chickadees and of course many sparrows and finches.

I am filling the neighbours bird feeder as part of my cat sitting duties. There is a very fat purple finch that is there every time I show up. I wonder if it sees me leave my place and follows me?

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Ruth - 04-11-2016

I have been seeing Bluejays and Robins lately. I love birds, they are really sweet creatures!

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 04-11-2016

It may be cold, but the birds are very active.  I think a certain very chubby purple finch does watch for me. He is always at the feeder as soon as I fill it. With all the late season snow we have had and the actual spring snow, the birds are really needing the feeder.

I have heard Jays, bit I haven't seen one yet. Robins are everywhere and I have seen more Mourning Doves and Cardinals.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Ruth - 04-12-2016

Yes, the birds will watch for you when you have a feeder. Years ago I used to throw birds bread out my back door and they did wait for me, too.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 04-12-2016

The birds are clever aren't they. They know now that I come from next door to fill the feeder.  The birds will be so glad when this nasty weather ends.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Ruth - 04-13-2016

Yes, I think the birds here are happy today. It's in the 50s and quite pleasant. This week is supposed to get way warmer and I'm sure the birds will be all around. I haven't seen many seagulls lately, I wonder where they went. They are probably hanging out down on Lake Erie.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 04-13-2016

If the weather is nice the gulls go back to the lakes. A sure sign of a storm is the gulls flying inland.

It is warming up, but it is so slow.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Ruth - 04-16-2016

You are right about the weather warming up slowly. It was a bit nicer today. I haven't been out yet. I couldn't sleep last night, really a bad night. I fell asleep this afternoon and had a nice little nap. I need a good night sleep.

I love the seagulls! When I go to BK I save some food for the seagulls. They sure make a lot of noise when they land. They sound like babies crying. I still think they are a beautiful bird.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 04-16-2016

We have a number of kinds of gulls on Lake Ontario. I love seeing them fly over head.  They do have a very unique cry.
I have noticed that the gulls will eat anything. I am sure they love what ever you feed them.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 07-12-2016

Saw my first Varied Sittella the other day. About 7 of them climbing all over the tree. It's likely they've always been there and I'd just never noticed until then. Pretty cool. They're very small, about 11cm.
The ones I saw were the nominate race known as orange-winged sittella. There's 5 different races covering most of Australia.