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RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 07-13-2016

They are cute. You have so many amazing birds. I will have to look over my list and see what I have posted and what I have not.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 07-13-2016

I may have just seen a peregrine falcon fly over my paddock. Hard to tell as it was pretty high and backlit but the wing shape and hooded face suggest peregrine, otherwise it was a hobby which is still cool.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 07-14-2016

Seeing a Peregrine is special. They are not common anywhere. We have them here, but I have never seen one.

I saw a pair of hunting Red tailed Hawks today. One of them got a Robin.

I also finally saw some Blue Jays.

And I think it is finally raining outside. We are having a drought and gardens are desperate for water.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 09-08-2016

I didn't really get a chance for much birding we were so busy but I did see some new ones.
Magpie goose and a lot of them.
Eastern reef egret both white morph and dark morph.
Australian brush-turkey
Brown booby, 3 of them in the middle of the ocean
White-breasted woodswallow
Beach stone-curlew
Bush stone-curlew was just hanging out in the middle of town
Saw a number of Osprey, one with a fresh catch of fish

Also saw a few Green sea turtles
A couple of sharks
Giant clams
These bright blue sea stars I can't remember the name of
So much awesome coral
Lots of dolphins
And a great big bird eating spider

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 09-08-2016

Oh and lots of Agile wallabies. Super cute

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 09-08-2016

You have seen a lot of interesting birds and other animals this time. I don't know which one is more exciting. I guess the Green sea turtles are the most rare. Few people have ever had a chance to see them.

The wallabies must look so cute in the wild.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 09-08-2016

A lot of firsts for me. The turtles just mosey about sticking their heads up every now and then. Really cool.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 09-09-2016

The turtles would be the best, but you did see some amazing birds.  You were in a real bird paradise. Seeing an Osprey with a fresh catch was lucky timing.

The giant clams and sharks are bonus animals on top of an amazing collection. I am glad you had such a successful animal watching time.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 12-10-2016

Had such a good day. Pretty good week.
Kicking myself I didn't have my camera on me!

This week I saw a peregrine falcon! An actual undoubtedly peregrine falcon.
Got to see a couple of gannets diving
A swamp harrier flew down right next to my car and caught something
Yellow billed and royal spoonbills were out today
The male musk duck has found himself a lady musk duck! I hope they make little musk duck babies
A couple of Hooded plovers
A red kneed dotterel finally!
The kelp gulls are nesting
Lots of penguins
Saw a swamp harrier trying to take a rather large swan chick, the swan won
Black fronted dotterels

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 12-11-2016

A Peregrine! Wow!! they are not common anywhere. We have them here and I still have never seen one live.

You had the best birding day ever. Too bad about the camera, but you will never forget and that is the best picture. It is even nesting time for you and that is even better. I am glad you had such a good day.

I have seen lots of sparrows, plain ordinary house sparrows. It is winter and the fancy birds have all flown south or at least headed out to the forests where they can get food and shelter. The snow is supposed to be heavy so by tomorrow I might not even see sparrows. It is so quiet when there are no birds around.