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RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 01-31-2017

Oh yeah I work with penguins so they're quite easy for me to see haha.

It's interesting 3 years ago it took me a year to see 100 birds, now it's taken about a month. I've clearly gotten more into it and I think it shows my identification skills have vastly improved!

How nice to have bald eagles around.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 02-01-2017

I notice that your list is getting longer each year. You have seen some really interesting birds. It does help when you know what they are. A simple glance would be enough. I recognized the Pine Grosbeak right away because I have seen one before. 

Right now we have few birds, but wait a little bit and the migrations will begin.

I really hope to see a bald eagle. I have seen them on the west coast and they are quite a sight.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 02-20-2017

90. Yellow-rumped thornbill
91. Australasian shoveler
92. European goldfinch
93. Sanderling
94. Little wattlebird
95. Nankeen kestrel
96. Australasian pipit
97. Sooty oystercatcher
98. Australasian gannet
99. Australasian grebe
100. Caspian tern
101. Grey butcherbird
102. Crested pigeon
103. Southern emu-wren
104. Brown-headed honeyeater
105. Yellow-faced honeyeater
106. Spotted pardalote
107. Striated pardalote
108. Dusky woodswallow
109. Golden whistler
110. Buff-rumped thornbill

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 02-20-2017

You topped the hundred and it is only February. You are having a great year.

I notice that you list the European Goldfinch. Is that a bird that was brought to Australia?

I am going for a bird walk along the river tomorrow so I should see something new.

I am trying to identify a bird I saw on Friday. I think it is a  Plumbeous Vireo.  I would say it is certainly a vireo of some kind. The pictures just don't quite look like what I remember. Maybe I need a bird identification app on my phone.

I certainly need a new bird book. My book is so old it doesn't fit the birds we have here now. Some birds have extended their ranges further north into my area. I need a book that also covers all the birds that fly through our area in the spring and autumn.
I understand that some people have seen Robins. Our North American Robin is a sign the spring is near. They come back early and they are a welcome sight every year.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 02-20-2017

Yes introduced here in the 1860s. It's become a well established species, but isn't as much of a pest as other introduced species.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 02-21-2017

Introduced Finches are not the same kind of problem as introduced Starlings. Starlings seem to take over in some places.

A whole day out walking and I saw House Sparrows and not much else. I did see an Emu and some Peacocks, but I am guessing they don't count because they are not wild. One of the peacocks was on the loose for weeks a couple of summers ago, but he came back to his enclosure by choice.

I saw a few Canada Geese, but the other ducks are not back yet. It will be soon I hope.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 04-19-2017

Haven't updated in a while

111. Tawny frogmouth
112. Rufous whistler
113. Rufous fantail
114. Eastern whipbird
115. Freckled duck
116. Hardhead duck
117. Little egret
118. Whiskered tern
119. Blue-faced honeyeater
120. Red-rumped parrot
121. Pied butcherbird
122. Plumed whistling duck
123. Pied currawong
124. White-breasted woodswallow
125. Grey-crowned babbler
126. Great crested grebe
127. Bassian thrush
128. Brown falcon
129. Little grassbird

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 04-20-2017

That is an impressive list. The only one I know for sure is the tawny frogmouth. We have some at the zoo.
You are way over the hundred and it is only April. Is 200 possible?

I have seen lots of Robins and a few grackles. We should be seeing migratory birds soon. That will add to my sightings.

RE: 2016 Bird Count - platy - 05-23-2017

130. Cattle egret

RE: 2016 Bird Count - Catherine - 05-23-2017

Cattle egrets are a beautiful bird.
I checked out a map of their range and they come almost as far north as Toronto. Maybe I will see one some day.

I have seen some odd migratory birds, but I haven't identified them yet. I am thinking some type of Thrush, but I couldn't see the details.

I am seeing lots of finches and sparrows. I have seen Canada Geese and various ducks.