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Bessie Has Gone. - Catslave - 08-25-2018

Today at 10.30am EST my gorgeous girl and my little friend Bessie cat passed over The Rainbow Bridge,may her beautiful little soul R.I.P.

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - Tobi - 08-26-2018

Oh catslave, I am so sorry. Heart  My kindest thoughts to you. This must have been the hardest day.

And to Bessie's beautiful Soul now out of this world, but free in Spirit. My dog showed me the "other side" was a lovely place to be.

She is so beautiful.

They don't forget us, or forget the love we share with them.

[Image: best-sympathy-quotes.jpg]

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - Catherine - 08-26-2018

Dear Catslave, I am so sorry for your loss. I have never had a pet that long so I can't imagine what it is like to be without Bessie after all these years. She has been a part of so many years that every memory must lead back to her. My heart goes out to you. 
Our pets give us so much joy, it is just sad that they have to leave us so soon. 

This video was made for the old Forum and it was done as a loving response to those of us who had losses. It is a beautiful look at loss even though it is sad.

A loss is still a loss, but you had many wonderful years with Bessie and she was happy. It is all loss now, but the memories turn back to happy again. Big hugs to you and your family in your loss from me and my animal family. Some of my snakes give good hugs.

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - LPC - 08-26-2018

I send you my heartfelt condolences, Catslave. I looked at your photo of Bessie and she had very interesting colouring on her fur.

Her departure from this physical realm will be a terrible wrench for you, especially after the years you spent together, but you can be sure that she will be watching over you and that you will be reunited later.

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - Catslave - 08-26-2018

Thank you everyone,the video was lovely Catherine.

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - Catherine - 08-26-2018

We all feel for you in your loss. It is hard. We love our pets, but our time with them is so short.

The video was done for me when I lost my beloved golden skink Emma. I think it expresses so much about how we feel and what it is like to love and be separated  from a pet.

I  still cry when I play it. It reminds me of so much.

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - Tobi - 08-27-2018


I made this little video for my girl Misty some years ago. The words I put on the video are what I imagine Misty was saying to me from the "other side".
She did feel very close many times then, and still "visits" sometimes.

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - LPC - 08-27-2018

Tobi: I haven't looked at your video for years - and coming back fresh to it, I appreciated it almost like the first time. Is the black dog Jet? Very moving.

P.S. Catslave: Sorry that I don't have a video to offer you like Catherine and Tobi, but theirs are so good that there is nothing much to add.

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - Tobi - 08-27-2018

Yes LPC, the black dog is our friend Jet. The picture where they are tussling for the frisbee was taken 3 weeks after Misty's  mammary strip surgery. 14 April 2012. Less than two months before she passed.

Thinking of you Catslave. Kindest thoughts right now Heart

RE: Bessie Has Gone. - Catherine - 08-27-2018

Misty had such deep knowing eyes. And yes our pets are often near to us even though they have left us. Maybe that is why I like to be at home alone sometimes. I have a lot of little friends here to just be with.