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Litter of puppies found dead in a sack - Catherine - 12-01-2018

This is a shocking act of cruelty. A litter of 3 week old puppies was tied up in a sack and thrown in a river. They had no chance at all, they all died of drowning. Sadly someone had to be the one to find them. It is a sight they will never forget.   Out there the mother of the puppies must be desperate to find them. In every way this is cruel.

Knowing how much help there could have been for the puppies makes this worse. There are shelters in the area and all over. There is never a need to kill puppies in this way. They could have been raised and placed in good homes where they would have lived out their lives as happy dogs. Instead their last moments were of fear and pain.

I hope someone knows who did this and turns them in. People need to know that this kind of cruelty is unacceptable.

RE: Litter of puppies found dead in a sack - Tobi - 12-06-2018

How horrible that someone could do that to these pups. Border Collies too. A well-bred Border Collie is worth a few hundred pounds to a farmer. If they had been looked after, they could have been sold locally.
But that is beside the point. Whoever did this is cruel. Those pups must have suffered very much indeed.

I remember when I was a little girl, it was common practice to drown newborn kittens and pups in a  bucket of water. Many people did that. Some believed they felt no pain, having just come from the womb. That dreadful ignorance and cruelty was commonplace.
My own parents never did that though.
Spay/neuter was almost unheard of, and no-one we knew had their animals neutered or spayed.

And no one ever gave a thought to the grieving mother who had just given birth.

RE: Litter of puppies found dead in a sack - Catherine - 12-06-2018

Things were crueler back then. Now we are shocked by a litter of puppies being drowned like that. 

Still it goes on. I think someone might recognize who did it. If someone had a littler of puppies and they suddenly disappeared  it would be cause for suspicion.
I hope they catch and charge whoever did this. The puppies would have suffered and the mother is probably still grieving.

I can't believe they ever thought that babies felt no pain.