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Dog found with jar on her head - Catherine - 12-30-2019

In a remote northern Manitoba community a young dog was found with a plastic jar on her head. The dog, now named Greta was also bitten by other animals, shot with a pellet gun and had an aluminum can in her stomach. Manitoba Underdogs Rescue is now caring for her. She has had a rough time, but hopefully with good care she will make it. Just to make things worse, the jar was frozen to the ground. It was fortunate that someone saw her. In the Manitoba winter cold she could not have survived.

She is a funny looking little dog, but I bet with good care she turns out to be a pretty puppy.
The group that is helping her are good people. They are volunteer run and rely on foster homes rather than a permanent shelter.

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue is one of many rescues in the world that we seldom hear about. They work tirelessly to save unwanted dogs in Manitoba. Even though it is Christmas and they were taking a much needed break they came to Greta's rescue. It feels good to know that there are people out there rescuing and caring for unwanted animals.

RE: Dog found with jar on her head - Catherine - 01-03-2020

Greta is looking much better today. It looks like she is going to make it.

I am glad to have some good news to report. Her picture looks great. Remember what a sad looking dog she was when she was first found. For at least one dog, 2020 is a good year.

I hope she eventually ends up in a loving home with people who will give her the  love she deserves.