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Neighbours feed cat on a diet - Catherine - 11-12-2020

A woman with a chubby British Blue cat has put her cat on a bit of a diet. Iris needs to lose a little weight for health reasons. The diet would be working if it weren't for the neighbours. Iris visits them and pretends to be hungry and the neighbours give Iris treats. So, instead of losing weight, Iris has actually gained weight. She has gained so much weight that she can no longer fit her body through her cat door. In desparation the woman has asked the neighbours to stop feeding Iris.

Trust a chubby cat to find a way to get around a diet at home. Cats are so good at putting on the starving kitty act. Iris looks chubby so she must be really good at it to fool people.

A chubby cat I grew up with would eat a large breakfast and go outside for a while. Within the hour we would get a call from a neighbour one street over telling us she found our poor lost cat who was clearely starving so she fed him. He wasn't lost and he wasn't starving. His belly was still bulging from the breakfast he had eaten. How he could pass himself off as a poor starving, lost cat we could never figure out. How he could eat one more bite we could never figure out.

Someone I know had a ginger cat, called Ginger. Ginger was three cats wide and the Vet recomended a diet cat chow. Ginger was given measured amounts of the chow, but he  still wasn't losing weight. The big bag of chow was stored in a cupboard and they just scooped some out of the top of the bag. What they didn't know was that Ginger could open the cupboard, slip in and slip out when no one was around. Cat owners have to sleep sometime. Ginger made a hole in the bottom of the back of the bag and was  eating as much food as he wanted. Even diet cat chow is fattening if you eat enough of it.

It is not so easy to put a cat on a diet. They will find ways to get more food if they want it. Smiley4