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San Francisco Airport saves endangered snakes - Catherine - 05-14-2022

The San Francisco Airport has a 180 acre piece of land beyond the runways. That land is being preserved as a habitat for endangered San Francisco Garter Snakes.
It is also home to the many other species that live in the same habitat as the snakes. The program has been so successful that there are now about 1,300 snakes in the area.

This is a real conservation success story. Holding some land for wildlife, even if it is near a busy airport, seems to be enough to help a species survive.
That tells us we need to set aside land all over to give endangered species a place to live. 

Think about it. No one wants to live next to the airport. If they had used the land for humans, there would be nothin, but complaints.
They used the land for snakes and they are quiet neighbours and they are not complaining. Everybody wins here.