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Return of the spirit horse to Canada - Catherine - 01-27-2023

The spirit horses or Ojibwe spirit horses are the only indigenous horses in Canada. They were here when the Spanish arrived with their horses in 1519.
They were almost wiped out in 1977, but four mares survived and the numbers have been increased. DNA testing shows they are different from the introduced European breeds.

 They now live at Mādahòki Farm. The farm is an Indigenous cultural center and the horses are part of that experience.
The herd has now grown to nine with the recent addition of a foal  named Cedar.

This would be an amazing place to visit. I would love to see the horses in person. I would love to see the attitude of the people towards the horses.
It is a very different sort of bond. They don't feel ownership of the horses. They see them more as kindred spirits and caretakers. 
It is beautiful to know that this farm exists.