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RE: Foster Piggies - Catherine - 08-20-2014

Congratulations to Leah and Tabitha and of course congratulations to their new family. I can see how the father would fall in love with them. They are a sweet pair.
I bet the social worker was happy to hear the news and their original family will be glad they have a good home.

Now you just need time to work your magic with Cecil. I look forward to seeing pictures of him when you can upload them.

RE: Foster Piggies - Cibach - 08-25-2014

Here's a photo of Cecil relaxing in a cuddle pocket.

[img]<a href=[/img][Image: 14843256658_30d0174413.jpg]Cecil in a cuddle pocket by Gillian Clancy, on Flickr" />

We have found the three loves of his life. Hay, Cucumber and GIRLS!!!

He had some hay on Saturday that had been in the basket I use as a waiting room while the pens are being changed and it must have smelt strongly of our girlies because he went potty!! He ran around the cage calling, then he dug for a bit and he even tried to climb out of the cage. After the cage had been changed he settled down for a while, but if one of the girlies calls he gets very excited. When he is more handleable the plan is to have him neutered, so we'll see if any of our girlies like him enough to live with him.

Since the excitement on Saturday he has become more handleable, it seems his interest in the girls is stronger than his fear of people.
Initially I thought it had been a mistake to give him that hay, but it seems to have given him something else to think about!!

RE: Foster Piggies - Catherine - 08-26-2014

Cecil is a handsome boy. You have found the key to his heart.
All he needs is a lady in his life and he will be happy. Perfect, you can easily provide that. If he doesn't bond with your girls he will surely bond with someone else.
I am so glad he has come out of his shell. Maybe he was with a bonded female before his rescue and he misses her. Having another girl or two will give him the company he needs.

I look forward to hearing how things work out for him.

RE: Foster Piggies - Cibach - 09-27-2014

Well after spending 6 weeks or so with us, Cecil has relaxed into a really lovely boy. He greets me in the morning and always has a kiss for me when I put his veggies in. Of course smelling like the girl piggies helps a lot!! He's still very alert and is like a little bird. He will dash away if a noise or movement startles him, but generally he is very happy. So much so that this Tuesday he has what we euphemistically call "an appointment with Doctor Snippy!!"
After an appropriate recovery time (6 weeks), which he will spend with us, he is going to meet our girls. Suzy from Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue, for whom we are fostering him, has agreed to try and merge our 2 pairs of girls and Cecil into one big group. How successful this will be I don't know, but it would certainly make life a little easier if they would all live together. Maybe Cecil is the glue we have been waiting for.
Of course it may not work at all and Cecil may have to find love elsewhere, but at least we will have given him a good start. Smiley4

RE: Foster Piggies - Catherine - 09-28-2014

Good for Cecil, I knew a little love would bring him round.
He sounds like a charming little man.

Dr. Snippy! Smiley479 That is too funny.25

I am sure after his appointment, he will be just the right glue. He certainly would be able to live with either pair of girls. How close are the girls to accepting each other anyhow? Even if he lived with one pair it would still be easier. If you could get them to be a herd together they could have more space and life would be more interesting.

Keep us posted on the progress.

RE: Foster Piggies - Cibach - 09-28-2014

At the moment the girls like each other through the barrier. When Annie was alone in her pen we tried her with Marigold on my lap, but it wasn't successful. Mind you, Marigold was particularly grumpy as the weather was warm and she is always irritated in the warm weather. Maybe now it has all cooled down things will work out, and come the warm weather next year she will be so used to the others that it won't matter. Who knows with piggies? Smiley24

RE: Foster Piggies - Catherine - 09-29-2014

Maybe having a male like Cecil as a herd leader will ease any tensions. He won't so much keep them in line as he will be a focal point. I think that is how I have managed to keep so many un-neutered males together. First it was Frodo, then it was Lambert, now it looks like Robbie is the leader.

Cecil is going to be a busy, but happy boy.

RE: Foster Piggies - Cibach - 10-03-2014

Well after a mix up with the appointment, Cecil had his surgery on Wednesday. He was a bit subdued on Wednesday night, but is now back to himself. He is a bit swollen but as of now shows no sign of infection and is eating, weeing and pooing like a good un!!
The vet commented that he was a game little lad. We thinks so too.

This surgery has been a bit of an experiment. Suzy has had a few issues with neutering lately and we are changing things around. The last 2 piggies neutered were done at the usual vets, by the specialist vet and recovered under Suzy's care at the rescue. Both boys developed nasty abscesses which increased their recovery time and endangered their lives.

Cecil's best hope of a new home is with girls as he's very frightened of other boys. I think he must have had to fight for his food and was bullied a lot. So I said we would look after him after his surgery and he had his op done by the same vet, but in the main practise hospital rather than the smaller local branch we usually use.
So far so good, but it is early days yet.

RE: Foster Piggies - Catherine - 10-04-2014

I am glad Cecil came through things alright. I am sure once he is fully healed(and no longer fertile) he will be glad to meet the girls. It sounds like he is a ladies man. Heart

RE: Foster Piggies - Cibach - 10-11-2014

So we are a week and a half on from Cecil's surgery and he is doing very well. He was very swollen for a while and the right side didn't go down and was showing signs of an abscess, so after a short telephone conversation with the vet, he has been having some antibiotics. Almost overnight the swelling reduced and both sides now look pretty much the same. All through the process he has been his usual happy self and is keenly interested in the girls. We can but hope that they will be as interested in him when the time comes.