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RE: Foster Piggies - Cibach - 01-25-2015

Well Ollie is starting to come out of himself. He was in just the basket today for cage changing and ventured to sniff at Phil's hand.

[img][Image: 16177450957_4e224478bc.jpg]Ollie in the basket by Gillian Clancy, on Flickr[/img]

It's the first time he's been confident enough to take in his surroundings when out of the cage. Of course, I'm sure the cucumber helped!!

RE: Foster Piggies - Catherine - 01-26-2015

Look at him. He is already getting confidence. You are right, cucumber helps. They do love cucumber.

Ollie is bigger than I first thought and very fine looking. I am sure he will be adopted as soon as you can get him to respond like that. Sadly people want a pet that is already outgoing and secure. They miss the wonderful chance to be the one to make him blossom.

That is why foster parents are so important. I think you have already worked your magic on him and he just needs a little more time before he will be ready.

RE: Foster Piggies - Cibach - 02-15-2015

So Ollie has returned to the rescue. He has come along very well but was clearly lonely for piggy company. He would sit out in the middle of his cage calling to our group on the other side of the room. It was rather sad to see. So he's back with Suzy living next door to a lovely boy who has recently come in. They are making friends through the bars and it is hoped that they will bond up nicely.
This boy was brought in by a lady who had caught him in her garden. He was out all through the Christmas period in the most dire conditions but he visited her garden every day and she fed him. Eventually she was able to catch him and, as a piggy keeper herself, she had intended to keep him. She keeps sows and was not interested in breeding them so he was in a separate cage, but like Ollie, was desperate for company so she brought him to Suzy so he can find a friend and a new home.
She knew where he came from and took him back to his original owners but they were not interested. Apparently the outdoor hutch fell apart during a bad storm we had before Christmas and they just "Left them to it". Apparently the dog got one of them and the babies "Just disappeared"!! This boy had enough instinct left to survive and soon discovered that the neighbour would feed him. It took her 7 weeks to actually catch him and she was very relieved every morning when he showed up again and had survived for another night.
He is quite big and because of the neighbours efforts he is in quite good condition considering how long he was out and the conditions at the time. He has a fuzzy, Teddy coat the same colour as our Annie had and is very personable. If he and Ollie bond up he is going to be called Stan!!

So the foster cage is empty again. There are a few candidates to fill it but they are all still in quarantine at the moment.

RE: Foster Piggies - Catherine - 02-16-2015

I am happy for Ollie. He will do well. Poor Stan. The neighbours left a sow and boar and some babies outside in a storm and when the cage fell apart they did nothing. How horrible. They must have all been so frightened. How could you leave baby guinea pigs to get killed and their poor mother. Some people are Angry I can't come up with a word.
Good for Stan that he had sense to seek help, but it is a sign of how traumatized he was that he took so long to catch.

If it works out, Stan and Ollie would be good company for each other and they would be a lot of fun as pets. I know Suzy will find them the right home and they deserve it.

I await news of the next foster(s) to join your happy piggery.