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Street Food Truck for Dogs - Catherine - 09-13-2014

Now I have seen it all. I am used to street vendors selling various treats.
It seems that someone had the idea that there should be a food truck for people out there with their dogs, so they can buy their dog a snack that is safe for it to eat.

The idea is quite good.

The treats are dog healthy and they do look good. I hope Toronto gets one soon. Do I need to have a dog to shop there? And where can I borrow a dog?Smiley4

RE: Street Food Truck for Dogs - Tobi - 09-14-2014

That is such a brilliant idea! I hope they do well. Misty would have very much liked a mobile food truck! She would have liked one to follow her around constantly! LOL
The dogs are going to smell that coming.

RE: Street Food Truck for Dogs - Catherine - 09-14-2014

They could have the food truck drive around like the ice-cream trucks.
They usually have a distinctive piece of music that they play so you know the ice-cream truck is coming.

In this case how about "Who Let The Dogs Out"

I could picture Misty listening for the truck and hearing it when it was blocks away. I am sure she would have even dreamed about it.

I hope the idea catches on.