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Uber driver refuses blind woman with a guide dog
An Uber Driver refused service to a blind woman because she had her guide dog with her. This happened in Canada and such behavior is against the law. This kind of problem is  happening more and more. The law guarantees accessibility, but it isn't actually working. People are refusing to let guide dogs into places.

This battle was won years ago. How is it possible that we have to refight the battle to allow people to bring their service animals
into public places, into things like Uber cars. How could he just drive off and leave a blind woman on the side of the road. Common decency should have compelled him to help her. We have had some pretty cold weather. Leaving someone outside in a Canadian winter can be more than just an inconvenience. It could have been dangerous. 

Uber needs to deal with this properly or maybe animal lovers everywhere will just stop taking Uber.
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Yes, Uber needs to deal with this properly.
And I am sorry to hear that in reality, there is negative discrimination against service dogs. Illegal should mean just that -illegal.

Oddly, on our travels, I rarely found a taxi driver who wouldn't take Misty. And she wasn't even a service dog....
One or two DID ask me if she was car-sick first but when I said no, they were okay with her being in the taxi. And there was no extra charge for her being with me.
Some of our taxis and some of our Uber drivers refuse to take dogs or any other animals. Refusing a service dog is more serious. 
I think Uber needs to get on this and set some serious policies for its drivers. They need to have standards that they follow or they should not be allowed to be Uber drivers.

There are strict accessibility laws and anti-discrimination laws. I sit through a presentation regularly for my job and the same presentation as a volunteer at the animal shelter(it is an online presentation). It explains carefully why we do not discriminate  against people with disabilities and how we must accommodate them and any service animals they might have.  Perhaps this presentation should be mandatory for Uber drivers.

I am still waiting to hear a better response from Uber.
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The Uber driver who refused to take a blind woman and her service dog has now been charged and has to appear in court.

No matter what his fine is, he has been charged and the point has been made. It is illegal to refuse service to someone with a service dog!
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