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Dog Dementia
I often wonder how much of a "given" dementia with advancing age has to be...

I wonder about pollutants, plastics, toxic metals in the system, substances in tap water etc which might be making dementia/alzheimers more prevalent nowadays.

This will affect all creatures.

All I can say is Misty was nearly 15 and showed no signs at all of any cognitive dysfunction. Not even the beginnings of it.
She didn't have a perfect life but I did my best to make sure she got (mostly) human-grade foods. And she had plenty of fresh air and exercise in a green environment with little traffic-fume pollution.  I can't help thinking a well-oxygenated system helps.
And a day to day interest in life with good mental stimuli.

But I don't know why so many develop it. I just wonder if it's something in our modern environment/lifestyle which makes it more prevalent.

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