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Dog Dementia
Quote: I often wonder if the trouble is that the more attention a disorder gets, the more people think themselves into focusing on it and worrying about every tiny mistake as being a "symptom"?
This is the problem of medical information on the internet.  People get convinced that they are seeing certain conditions (in themselves and their pets) because they think they see one symptom.

Forgetting a pin number is very normal. Everyone forgets a pin or a password. I have them all written down. It is the only way I can remember them.

Some actual memory issues can be caused by stress, depression and even nutritional deficiencies.
Dementia and alzheimers are more complex than a simple case of forgetting something. People lose track of concepts.
Dogs that seem confused might be having trouble seeing.  If the dog does have dementia then it can be cared for lovingly and helped by medication and special care. I would think touch and constant reassurance would help. Keep the dog closer on walks so it can find you by scent. Scent is one of the more basic senses. Don't leave anything out that a dog could trip over.

I am sure there are many more ways to help an old dog feel better.
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