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Tired dog triggers lake district rescue
A man was out walking with his dog in the Lake District had to call for help when his dog got too tired too walk. He carried the dog as long as he could and then he became too tired to go on. He rested in a wooden shelter while he called for help.
Six members of the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and a rescue dog rushed up the mountain where they found one cold tired man and a very tired dog. They helped the man down the mountain and since the dog was only 10 kg, they carried him down.  Then they drove them to their accommodations.

It was a happy outcome and an easy rescue. However it was a cold wet day and both man and dog could have died of hypothermia.
It was fortunate that he had a phone and could call for help. The walk was more than he anticipated and certainly more than the dog was able to handle. Perhaps he should have brought a thermos of warm soup or some food that he could have shared with the dog. 
 It pays to be prepared. The walk was long and it was wet. It never hurts to be over prepared. At least he had a phone.
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