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An alternative to culling for BC deer
The city of Oak Bay near Victoria on Vancouver Island has a deer problem. There are so many that they have become hazardous to people. 

A few years ago culling was tried, but it was not the answer. 
Quote:In 2015, 11 deer were culled in Oak Bay over 16 days in February as part of a $150,000 Capital Regional District deer-management pilot program. The seven bucks and four does were trapped and killed with a bolt gun, drawing public outcry.Oct 16, 2019

This year, females are being injected with something to stop them from producing a fawn next spring. This will prevent a population increase and gradually the numbers will become more manageable. 
The area can handle some deer, but the numbers they have now are too many.

This is a more reasonable solution than a cull. This targets the females for birth control instead of the cull that killed males and females. Even if it only works for some of the females, there will still be less fawns next spring.

Even better, other cities are looking at this project to see if it works. If it does, they could do the same with their deer over population problems. Deer culls could become a thing of the past.

If deer culls become a thing of the past, maybe we can make other culls a thing of the past. Reducing the birth rate is a kinder alternative to killing healthy adults in a brutal slaughter.  Good for Oak Bat that they are willing to try something new.
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