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For Bird's sake, winter prune your trees.
It is winter and yes I am thinking about my gardens. That is how I found an article that advises us to winter prune our trees so that we do not disturb nesting birds. From  October to March the trees are bare and there are no bird nests in use. Once the birds have settled in and started laying eggs doing anything to the trees can upset them. You could even cut a branch with a nest on it and kill a whole nest of birds.

No one wants to kill a nest of birds or even disturb parents and cause them to abandon their nest. As gardeners we have to share our gardens with the birds and all other creatures. They benefit us. We should try to respect them. My local sparrows carefully pick the aphids off my roses. I never have to worry. I planted trees for them and in turn they do pest control in my garden.  I have even left dead branches in place because I know the birds really like those branches. The tree doesn't look as perfect, but it does look more natural.
It is worth it to fit your gardening into the bird calendar. The birds will reward you many times over.
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For Bird's sake, winter prune your trees. - by Catherine - 01-13-2020, 05:32 PM

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