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Bear with head stuck in container is finally rescued
A bear in Florida was spotted with a plastic container on its head. Efforts were made to rescue it, but it took a month to catch the bear. 
The container was removed and any wounds treated. After a day of observation the bear was released.

Bears are amazing. This bear was unable to eat for a month. In spite of that her weight was good. Even if it was distressing, the bear  will be fine. 
She was lucky. Some wildlife is not rescued and the animals die with their heads trapped in what is human garbage. The problem is our improper disposal of our waste material. Small plastic containers should be cut so an animal can free itself. Food should be rinsed out. Waste should be stored in a secure, animal proof container.  No animal should be in danger of starving  because it is tempted by one of our food containers.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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Bear with head stuck in container is finally rescued - by Catherine - 11-28-2021, 04:43 PM

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