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Gene editing of hamsters goes wrong
Quote:So true! I suspect that the ultimate aim might be eventually to alter human character - a truly risky project. Imagine if all human beings were genetically altered and it went wrong and they became even more aggressive than they are now.
I think you are right. There would be big money in producing designer babies. People would place an order and then get the baby they want.
I think we know how well that would turn out. It is the stuff of science fiction/horror stories. They couldn't even get a hamster right.

The CRISPR technology has the potential to do great good. If they could refine it, they could repair damaged chromosomes. Children who are dying because of damaged genetic material could be fixed. It might have potential to help with some autoimmune diseases. It would need to be done very carefully making only the slightest of corrections. What they did with the hamsters was not well thought out. If they made humans more aggressive I think we wouldn't survive and neither would most of the planet.
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