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Oil spill off of California
One of the off shore drilling sites in California is leaking oil. Already beaches and marshlands are contaminated.
A lot is being done to contain this spill, but the the environmental consequences are going to be devastating.
There will be a devastating loss of marine life and animals who depend on marine life.

Even if they do not find a lot of oiled birds, we know that the impact will be devastating. Over time birds will eat contaminated fish and suffer the effects of the toxic spill. Nesting sites and feeding areas will be toxic for years. Even with good cleanup techniques, there will still be a lot of habitat contamination.

Why do we still drill for oil off of sensitives shorelines. Why do we still use oil when it causes such destruction when it spills. It always spills.
We could work on other less destructive forms of energy. At a time when we should be fighting the effects of climate change, we are actually making things worse.
Even if they don't post pictures we know what animals caught in oil spills look like. This is just another of many sad events where we destroy and damage everything around us.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

How many oil spills have been caused by animals? Zero.
How many oil spills have been caused by humans? Countless, over the years. Here's one from 1967 (I remember it well):
I think I vaguely remember the Torrey Canyon spill. I would have been 12.  The ship was carrying more oil than it was originally constructed to carry. There was a lot of human error that led to the spill.
They clearly had no idea how to clean up an oil spill. It might have been better if they had done nothing.
There is still environmental damage in the area and it has been over 50 years.

Then there is the Exon Valdez.

It grounded off the Alaska coast over 30 years ago.

They had much better clean up techniques, but the area is still heavily contaminated. 

Then there was the Deepwater Horizon 11 years ago.

These are just a few of the many oil spills. In each case it was humans that caused it, but humans were not able to clean it up. Large areas were contaminated and the effects are still being felt decades later. 

We don't even know how much damage we have done and yet we keep doing more damage. 

Oil spills alone would be reason enough to seek other forms of energy. What will it take for us to make the necessary changes.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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