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My latest guinea pigs
I recently 'rescued' a gorgeous sow who had been living in what I can only describe as a hamster cage. She's about 4 months old and she's been named Angel (a christmas name). Because she had been a house piggie I couldn't put her outside, so I brought in one of my large cages and housed her inside. Then, I came across a boar looking for a new home. He looks to be a Tricolour Absynian (not sure how to spell that), so I collected him and renamed him Spike. Shortly after that I came across two sows, one a funky looking lilac and cream, and I decided to have them. Now, they are all living inside until the warmer weather comes.

This is Angel
[Image: 2014-12-23171508_zps11522e06.jpg]

This is Spike
[Image: 2014-12-23171434_zps74fea59e.jpg]

This is Chica
[Image: 2014-12-23171500_zps79bde523.jpg]

And this is Bonnie
[Image: 2014-12-23171515_zps884e085e.jpg]
They are beautiful. I am glad you were able to rescue/rehome them.
Poor little Angel crammed in a hamster cage. She is already too large. She is very delicate looking.
Spike is your typical Abyssinian tricolour. He is cute. Any plans to breed him?
Chica is a lovely little lady.
The lilac is pretty. Bonnie is a perfect name for her. Is she an Abbie?
The picture looks a bit that way, but she is not as spikey as Spike.

Congratulations on the new additions. I am sure your house is very lively right now.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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