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Coyote killing contest in Alberta Canada
I am ashamed and embarrassed that this is taking place in my country.Angry
These killing contests are shameful. They also fail to understand the ecological balance that exists. Coyotes eat a lot of mice and other small rodents. If they kill enough then there is the risk of a rodent surge. Natural deaths do not all come in one day and they only take the weak and sick. Contests kill the healthy and upset the balance.

I no longer live in Alberta and I think I wouldn't want to.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Once again, the power of the internet to get news of events "out there" in the public domain is evident. I noted this sentence from the article: "Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development spokesperson Duncan MacDonnell says, while this is the tournament's fourth year, this is the first year they’ve received complaints about the event."

It is too late to stop this year's competition, but hopefully those opposed to this slaughter will be ready next year to get this stopped, with lots of public pressure. i agree with you, Catherine, about coyotes naturally keeping the rats and mice under control - and that is more ecological than rodent poison (which causes a slow painful death).
Coyotes are part of the natural balance and hunting binges can upset that balance. Nature doesn't do things in a big way like this.
Poisoning the rodents does not work because it risks also poisoning the hawks and owls that eat them. Then you have more rodents and an increase in the rodent population can mess up the vegetation. Alberta is very dry and you need all the vegetation to survive. If the rodents eat too much and the land is bare then you get erosion. I don't think anyone has thought through the whole issue. I can't even think of all the possible effects of killing coyotes.
(little known fact: there are no rats in Alberta and they are vigilant about going after them if any come in a shipment. Rats would really mess up the ecological balance)

You are right about the internet. I have never heard of the hunt and yet it has been going on for four years and getting bigger each year. Now we know! All of these hunts and other activities don't do well once the world knows about them.

I really think glorifying killing is barbaric. It doesn't fit the Travel Alberta message. They would not want a tourist boycott. With oil prices dropping, Alberta needs the tourists. It all comes back to money as usual. If we can get Alberta to do the right thing for the wrong reason, I am okay with that!
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