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My new girls xx
Here are some photos of my new girls, Shakira, Harmony, Anastasia, Cleopatra, Raven, Elsa, Bellatrix and Pandora xx

[Image: 2015-01-21163052_zps7a02eec5.jpg]

[Image: 2015-01-21163058_zps0e0ac2b5.jpg]

[Image: 2015-01-21163107_zpsa9a71c4f.jpg]

[Image: 2015-01-21163116_zpsd8c11079.jpg]

[Image: 2015-01-21163123_zps78dc0ee4.jpg]

[Image: 2015-01-21163130_zpsd6e065bb.jpg]

[Image: 2015-01-21163136_zpsa02904c7.jpg]

[Image: 2015-01-21163141_zps7fad0fe0.jpg]

[Image: 2015-01-21163158_zpsd6031f30.jpg]
They are all just beautiful.
Greeting from Wales.
Hwyl Fawr o'r Cymru.
This is the web site of the rescue I volunteer at.
I don't know which one is the cutest. They are all so amazing. They all have incredible hair and lots of it. Their faces are the sweetest ever.Heart

Now where on earth did you get such a pretty group of girls. Are they related or did you pick them up randomly from different places.
They really are pretty. You seem to get the prettiest guinea pigs. You must really be on the look out all the time.

They will be an interesting addition to your breeding program. I am sure you boys will like them.Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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