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Personal Fundraiser for puppy's medical bills
In August of 2014, I was finally able to fulfill my life-long dream of having a four-legged best friend. Unfortunately, as a child I was never able to have a dog due to my parent's severe allergies. So - fresh out of college, with my first big girl job, the timing was PERFECT! Enter JUNEAU, the cutest and sweetest husky I have ever met. She loves everyone and everything, even cats! Not only is she loving, but she has the most amazing personality. She is dorky and attention-loving, demanding even with the most interesting howls I have ever heard.

Last year, at 5 months, she broke her toe and while I tried to manage the expenses they ended up totaling over $2,000 with the weekly vet visits to ensure that the toe was healing properly. Once we got over that hurdle, I hoped she would be able to recover properly and live a happy, running-filled life, WHICH SHE WAS! Until a few months ago, when she was diagnosed with glaucoma. At the time of diagnosis, she was not even one year old. It was devastating to me to watch her scared and unaware of what was happening to her. Luckily she has been able to adjust to the loss of her vision, in her right eye, pretty well and is still the sweetest thing. You'd never know she was blind by how playful and kiss-y she is! Unfortunately, this has added to the debt I have incurred.

At this time I am struggling to stay afloat because of the on-going treatment that is necessary for her glaucoma. Requiring daily mediation that is quite expensive and monthly visits to an eye specialist is adding up. Unfortunately, her pet insurance does NOT cover ANY of the expenses we have racked up due to a 15 day grace period. The onset of her glaucoma was so rapid, that it was within this grace period in which no medical issues would be covered. The last thing I would ever want is to give her up. Please help as little or as much as you can, ANYTHING is appreciated - truly. If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this and thank you for your help!

Below is a link to a fundraiser I started to help pay off some of the mounting medical bills I have incurred since getting my beautiful baby, Juneau, back in August. I'm a recent college grad, but with over 6k in medical bills for her (including the incurring interest since I had to put everything for her care on credit cards) I'm struggling to continue her medical treatment for Glaucoma. I completely understand if you are unable to post the fundraiser though it would be so appreciated if you do. We have raised quite a bit so far and are just in the final stretch. Every little bit helps Smile

Fundraiser link (edited by staff pending updated details.)
Juneau's instagram: @juneau_notalaska
Hi kohliiii, and a warm welcome to our forum!

I completely understand how hard it is to find vet's bills. And the insurance people always have so many clauses, and conditions, that even insurance can be a minefield. It's unfortunate that Juneau had to get the glaucoma so very quickly, during that 15 days.
Poor girl. She is so young, and I just hope she can get back to good health again, and that your fundraiser works out well.

But on our forum, we have certain procedures we have to follow, as we get quite a few people wishing to post threads with links to fundraisers for their pets.

So this is the procedure:
(I include the link to our 'sticky' post about personal fundraising as it is easier than copying the whole rule here.) Basically the funds must go directly to the vet treating the animal, and the vet must be made aware that a fund for that animal is being set up at their office, and be willing to deal with its administration.

We have often found that even when vet's details, address, website. etc are provided here, a brief inquiry by admin. here to that vet's 'contact us' address, can often result in no reply.
So the most helpful thing you can do is make sure that is set up yourself, and that the fundraising page is for payment directly to the vet who is providing treatment.

Admin unfortunately have to remove your fundraising link for now, in accordance with that rule, but please do return and post back when it's all set up (it is easy to edit and update your post with the new details. And if you have any problem with that, do contact a member of admin. who would be most happy to help.)

We all wish you and Juneau well here.
Welcome to the Forum. I am sorry your dog has had health problems.
I wish her well and hope the vets can help her. Sadly, to be fair we do have to stick to forum rules about fundraising. If we don't we are swarmed by spammers trying to use our site.

Can we see pictures of your dog. I am sure she is very beautiful.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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