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Conservation officer suspended for Not Killing bear cubs
This story seems kind of backwards somehow. The cubs are 5 months old and there is a wildlife rehab centre that has taken them and they can be released next year when they are big enough. The mother was killed because of human interactions. The cubs were not part of that so the conservation officer refused to kill them. He made sue they are safe.

So he has been suspended and could lose his job...for conserving wildlife.
Good for him that he wouldn't kill the cubs.
I hope all the support for him will save his job. He may be the only one on staff who actually conserves wildlife.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I agree. I signed the petition. Of course this man acted with compassion and common sense - and is now suspended without pay for doing his job....of conservation.

I'm not even convinced that it was necessary to kill the mother bear. She apparently repeatedly raided the freeze of a mobile home - but this raises the questions, "How did the bear get inside the mobile home?" and "Why wasn't the door locked?" Most people lock their house doors when they enter and leave. That simple precaution would have avoided this confrontation in the first place.
What a messed-up incident! Fortunately the cubs have been saved and there is hope for them. It's good that they are healthy but they must miss their mother.
Why did anyone have to kill the mother?? Her only crime (as far as has been reported) -stealing salmon from a freezer. I agree with you LPC...if the access door to that place where the freezer is kept had been shut or bolted, she wouldn't have been able to get in. Humans' fault -and the bear had to pay with her life because she smelled Salmon!
Why couldn't all three of them have been darted and re-located? Surely that's what "Conservation" is about? Not shooting a mother bear dead.

The officer is a good man for taking good care of those cubs. He should be re-instated. Although, if I were him, I wouldn't necessarily want to work for a company with those policies!

LPC....where is the petition? I missed the link.

NEWS....I just found this!
I just got a link on my phone that the Conservation Officer is going to be paid. Thank-you for posting the link. He is still suspended at this time. I suspect that will change.
They had no idea it would become a media storm.

Clearly the salmon was not properly stored if the bear could get at it. I understand she had been in the freezer more than once. So many of our bad wildlife encounters have to do with careless handling of food and garbage. People do not take appropriate precautions and in this case a healthy bear is dead and her cubs orphaned. If it were not for the integrity of the Conservation Officer, her cubs would be dead as well.

We share a planet with wildlife and in effect we are their neighbours. Neighbours who are careless with their garbage, are bad neighbours.
We need to change.
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(07-09-2015, 09:49 AM)Tobi Wrote: LPC....where is the petition? I missed the link.
The link is in blue near the beginning of the article cited in Catherine's first link in her first post.
I should have answered the question about the link. Thanks for doing that LPC.

There is another video and more information.

This has really become an issue.
I don't like the fact that they shot the mother. I don't see how they can justify hurting the cubs then or now. With so many people watching, those cubs better be protected. They think there is a firestorm of protest now. That is nothing compared to what would happen if the try to kill the cubs now.

The sanctuary thinks the cubs are fine, the government agency is not so sure.
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