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New Dairy cow guidelines for B.C.
Last year Mercy For Animals exposed animal abuse at dairy farms in British Columbia, Canada.
This has had some good results. The province has adopted standards for the care of dairy cows.

Even if the new guidelines do not go far enough, they acknowledge that there should be standards. It is easier to improve existing guidelines than it is to convince people that we need them in the first place. It took a fairly serious expose to bring this about.
I would count this as a victory.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This is really good news, and I am glad to hear it. And about time too.

But two things make me wonder slightly. One is this (quote from the news article on
"Now we must work toward providing greater governmental oversight of Canadian dairy factory farms to ensure that these laws are actually followed and enforced."

and the other is this:
"Charges were recommended in last year's incident but 13 months after the fact, Crown counsel says they're still under review."

Someone needs to do some work there....
The Canadian Government is not good on following through with things. It will take continued pressure from activist groups to keep things going.

It is still an important first step that they admit that there even should be some guidelines. Too many of the factory farms have no regulations to protect the animals.

At least we are saying that cows should be protected.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Now I read (in a 2 day old newspaper) that China has created the largest dairy farm ever.
I think that is something we all need to keep an eye on....
That is a ridiculous number of cows in one place. The scale of it is too extreme. So much could go wrong. Even a simple problem like a power outage would be a disaster.
If any kind of disease got into the herd it would spread like crazy.

You are right, this bears watching. I hope they are unable to create a dairy that big.
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