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Decorated combat dog shot by civilian
This is a sad story. Mike the bomb sniffing dog survived tours of duty in Iraq. Back home he is a PTSD service dog for his handler.
Someone on a bicycle claimed the dog attacked him He shot the dog with the gun mounted on his bike.
After all Mike had been through and all his handler had been through it seems so unfair that he could be killed like that.

The dog was safer in Iraq. I hate to ask the question, but is it safe to have a gun mounted on a bicycle. Is it really legal? I guess it is, but is it a sensible thing to do.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

An appalling story. In all of Europe, and almost anywhere except the USA, such an incident would be near impossible. Guns are simply not allowed, except with special permits which are very hard to obtain (e.g. a landowner for use on his own land or registered gun club on its own grounds). Carrying a weapon in a public place would be another offence over here, even if the person did obtain a permit under those strict conditions. We just don't have the frequent shootings which the USA has.

The USA seems to allow people to carry guns anywhere they like. The case you cite above is just one tragic result.
I can't believe the guy had a gun attached to his bike. He couldn't do that in Canada either.

There will be no charges laid. It was considered justified.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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