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Cougar shot in urban area
A cougar wandered into the city in the Vancouver area. They think it was eating racoons. They can be dangerous to humans and pets left outside, but they are also a secretive cat. They are not that many of them left either.
So why is it the first thing the police do when they hear about it is rush in there and shoot it.
Is that the only thing we know how to do when we encounter an animal. Where were the wildlife people? They are at least trained to handle wildlife.

I just think the loss of even one cougar is a tragedy. No one had been hurt and it was really a theoretical threat. It hadn't threatened anyone.
And now, just because the cougar was there, it was shoot and killed.Smiley19
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Haven't they heard of tranquilliser darts? They can be fired easily and disable the animal quickly.

British police are no angels, but this is case is fairly typical of what happens in the UK, even though it was all a false alarm (LOL!):
Oh my gosh! Why kill the Cougar?? Like LPC said, haven't they heard of tranquiliser darts? Yes I know that would take a vet to administer....and it would take a wildlife rescue to re-locate the Cougar. A bullet is cheaper!
Terrible excuse for the killing of an innocent animal.
A vet is not needed to use a tranquillizer gun. A vet would need to issue the medication involved, but once the gun is loaded anyone can fire it. It is just easier to kill than to deal with the problem.

If the cougar showed aggression towards the police it is probably because they approached him too closely.
I think living where they do, knowing there will be wildlife encounters, they need to be trained to respond to animal sightings.
Right now their only response is to kill.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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