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Links to smilies
I notice that we are smilie deficient since the glitch/upgrade.  I am sure we will fix it, but for now here are links to the smilies I like to use.

Have fun and express yourself!
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

[Image: grey%5E_%5Earial%5E_%5E0%5E_%5E0%5E_%5ET...5E_%5E.gif]
If anyone has other links please feel free to post them.  
Smiles make posting fun.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Catherine, if you go into:

Admin CP
Manage Smilies

and go through them (up to page 9), they are still there. The problem is, when you want to post and click on "get more", they just don't appear. So it is a glitch at the posting stage. The smilies are there, only not accessible for some reason.

After Bock has had a well-deserved rest,perhaps you could mention that to her, along with the missing files I mentioned in another thread (which may explain the difficulties with PMs).

I'm sure the forum will be like before - no, maybe better, LOL!
I thought it might be a glitch.  I figured if I posted links to smilies people could use those until we fix things. 

I am not much at fixing glitches, but I can find ways to work around them until they can be fixed.
Some of these smilies are pretty good and sometimes you want to use something different to express yourself.  These links are worth having anyhow.

I am sure you are right, we will eventually track down all the glitches and fix them. In many ways this version of MyBB is simpler to use and neater looking. I just hope we get to stay with this version for a long time. It is not that change is bad, it is just complicated and time consuming.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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