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Rats, the forgotten rescue pet
There is no doubt, rats get slightly worse publicity than reptiles.

Most people do not see them as pets at all.  That is what motivated Rebecca to found Guelph Rat Save. She takes rats from big shelters where they have little chance of finding homes.  She gets rats from people who want to get rid of them. These rats are all gentle loving creatures who deserve a chance at life.

Now she needs good homes and some funding. People are not quick to donate to a rat rescue.

She is right. Rats a gentle and intelligent and they deserve better from life than they get.
I wish them every success with fund raising.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I love rats they make great pets,they're such little characters.
Aww! I am glad there is a rescue for rats. I have heard they make very loyal affectionate pets, and are very intelligent. I never had a pet rat though, but once had a pet mouse and loved him very much.
Rats are sweet. Having their own rescue means they have a chance of getting a good home. The small animals are often over looked. At least people who contact a rat rescue know they are getting a rat.

I have known a number of people to have rats and they find them very loving gentle pets.  Some of the different colours of rats are very pretty and some have curly fur and that is pretty too.  Rats definitely need an image makeover.  People are still scared of them.

I hope they have success fundraising for Rat Save.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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