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8 facts about cows
This is a compiled list of 8 facts about cows showing how smart they are and how sensitive.

The more I learn about cows the better I like them.

Clearly they are too intelligent to be treated the way we do in factory farms.   Cows deserve way better.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

That's a very interesting and quite moving article about cows. Thanks Catherine!

I know they like music. There are a lot of cows where I live, and sometimes I have stopped to greet them, and whistle a tune for them. I would sing, but I can't sing any more. Anyway, the cows have come over to me and all gathered around the gateway to listen and stare at me. I talk to them just as I would talk to a dog. They seem to like it.
We totally underestimate their intelligence. They seem to be very fine animals. They are certainly loyal, social and gentle.
They are much finer "people" than the ones who abuse them.

Maybe if enough people come to know this we will change how we treat them. I can dream can't I?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

The way we generally treat cows has to do with our lack of compassion yes, but it also has a lot to do with the population explosion.
In the far-gone days, there would be no harm taking a jug or two of milk from a lactating cow. That would have been enough for a family's needs and enough every day to make butter and cheese from what was left over. It would have done no harm to either cow or calf.
I knew someone who lived in a 'bothy' in a field, and had his own cows, and that is what he did. It did no harm, and that man was full of care and compassion for his cows.

But to meet spiralling demand, we have ended up subjecting cows to a painful harsh life. And people have become either uninformed, or numb about it.
It is our intense demand for more of everything that has created the horrible factory farming system.  We have lost sight of the family cow that sustained us and lived a gentle life. I guess there is enough milk for us and the calf if we are not too greedy.

Sadly we are that greedy and we are tending to be overweight. We are harming the cows and we are harming ourselves.

I hope becoming aware of how we mistreat animals is the wake up call to stop us from wrecking ourselves as well.

We are also wrecking the planet.

Compassion towards animals is the solution to many problems.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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