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Very sad local news...
Well....people are generally living longer. I was looking at the dates on tombstones in my local churchyard. Many people were not living into their 80s and 90s as they are today.
But partly that could be because at one time, no-one called the doctor unless there was a great emergency. They had to pay for the doctor pre-2nd world war. Many poor people, including my grandparents, could provide for their families -just- but couldn't afford the doctor.That would be good for some....but not so good for others. Many things like diabetes could have gone untreated, or treated with home remedies, not understanding what it was.

We have managed to make people live longer with medical interventions. But that doesn't necessarily mean those people are any happier or fitter. They just stay alive longer...and many suffer side effects of the medications they are given, thus needing more medicine....
People didn't live longer as you say because lots of things went untreated. So our generation and the people ahead of us are living longer. I am not sure the ones growing up now are going to live longer. Their health generally isn't as good. They have lived on processed foods, foods from unhealthy sources,  and they are overweight and get less exercise.

Foods from factory farms are from stressed animals and contain antibiotics and who knows what else.

Your neighbour is thinking of making more money, but he will no longer really be a farmer. What he will have is not a real farm. It is a factory.  Think of factory made cars. They are being recalled all the time for mistakes in manufacturing.
Does anyone test products from factory farms and recall them for having problems.

It is just sad to think of your beautiful area being invaded by a factory farm.
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