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2016 Bird Count
Finally saw the elusive Powerful owl! They are SO big. I'd hate to be on the wrong side of those talons
What a beautiful owl. It is big and it has a very determined look in its eyes.

I would love to see one, but not up close.

You are having an amazing birding year. I did see some chickadees and a female Cardinal.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Ugh yes! That moment of satisfaction when you finally identify the elusive bird! I've still never seen it, only heard it, but now I at least know what I'm hearing! A little grassbird, a new one for me!
I looked up the grassbird. They are tiny and they blend into their surroundings. Just hearing them would be special.
If you are close enough to hear them you will see them soon enough.

We are pretty quiet right now. It will be another couple of months before birds start returning. I am not even hearing much.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

We haven't started a new thread so I'll just continue on here.

So far for 2017 there's the usual suspects and some new ones!

1. Black swan
2. Cape barren goose
3. Purple swamphen
4. Swamp harrier
5. Chestnut teal
6. Aus magpie
7. Masked lapwing
8. Magpie-lark
9. Little raven
10. Black-fronted dotterel
11. Musk duck
12. Silver gull
13. Welcome swallow
14. Superb fairy wren
15. Grey teal
16. Red wattlebird
17. Common blackbird
18. Great cormorant
19. Aus woodduck
20. White-faced heron
21. Kelp gull
22. White-fronted chat
23. Pacific gull
24. Eurasian coot
25. Silvereye
26. Common starling
27. White-browed scrubwren
28. Brown thornbill
29. Royal spoonbill
30. Galah
31. Peregrine falcon
32. Grey fantail
33. White ibis
34. Pied oystercatcher
35. Aus pelican
36. Black kite - new one!
37. Square-tailed kite - new one!
38. Magpie goose
39. Buff-banded rail
40. Rock dove
41. Spotted dove
42. Common bronzewing
43. House sparrow
44. New holland honeyeater
45. Willie wagtail
46. Australian raven
47. Straw-necked ibis
48. Pacific black duck
49. Indian myna
50. Bell miner
51. Laughing kookaburra
52. Helmeted honeyeater
53. White-throated treecreeper
54. Yellow-tailed black cockatoo
55. Sulphur crested cockatoo
56. Brown goshawk
57. Dusky moorhen
58. Noisy miner
59. Crimson rosella
60. Hooded plover
61. Short-tailed shearwater
62. Australasian darter
63. White-eared honeyeater

Got to see a couple of new species in captivity including the Helmeted guineafowl and the Orange-bellied parrot.
That is an amazing list. I would love to see a black swan.  You have had an impressive years so far.

What bird was the most exciting for you. There must be one you never thought you would see.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Went for a long 5km beach walk with a couple of friends looking for fairy terns.
Alas, no fairy terns. But we did get to see another pair of Hooded plovers, a pair of red capped plovers, a lot of crested terns, a whimbrel, a few red necked stints, and many bar-tailed godwits on their summer vacation here.
Was lucky we saw them, we had just started to leave and I turned back around as the sand was blowing in my eyes and a big flock of the godwits arrived to rest on a sand bar. So of course we went back to see them. Even the rain couldn't stop us!
I had to look some of your birds up. What a piece of luck to see so many.  Off course you are in the middle of summer and you live in the land of many birds. Australia is a real bird watchers paradise.

I saw some finches, purple finches I think(house finches are smaller, but very similar). I saw a lot of cardinals and I have heard the males calling so spring can't be too far away.

I saw a Pine Grosbeak. I think it was a young one. That is the second time I have ever seen one!

And I have seen a ton of house sparrows.  Sometimes they are the only birds we have around.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

64. Hoary headed grebe
65. Australian shelduck
66. Little pied cormorant
67. Whistling kite
68. Yellow billed spoonbill
69. Grey shrike thrush
70. Eastern yellow robin
71. Grey currawong
72. Rainbow lorikeet
73. Eastern spinebill
74. Eastern rosella
75. Little corella
76. Red capped plover
77. Whimbrel
78. Crested tern
79. Red necked stint
80. Pied cormorant
81. Bar tailed godwit
82. Wedge tailed eagle
83. Red browed finch
84. Black shouldered kite
85. White bellied sea eagle
86. Eastern curlew
87. Black faced cuckooshrike
88. Little penguin
89. Collared sparrowhawk

Good number of raptors so far
You even saw a penguin!

That is an impressive list. You saw quite a few raptors. That must have been special.

I hear there have been Robin sightings here so I am watching. Also I understand that there are bald eagles in the area, so I am hoping to see one. It is cold again so there are few birds of any kind in sight.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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