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Justice for abused calves
It is too little too late for the actual calves involved, but cruelty investigators  helped to get a worker convicted for cruelty to calves at a slaughterhouse.

Of course one has to ask why small calves are at a slaughterhouse in the first place.

Still, it matters that the worker was convicted for what he did. It makes the point that abusing calves is wrong. It may take a while for it to click in people`s minds that the whole dairy industry abuses calves from the day they are born just because of how they do things.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Why were they there? Veal. That's what.
Actually "Veal" is another example of a made-up word which skirts the issue of that being an animal. Like "Venison", "Pork", "Beef" etc. They should call it "Meat from a slaughtered Calf". Then it wouldn't sound like a 'dish', it would sound like a creature.

I am glad those cruel people have been exposed. Poor creatures.
When I found out what veal was I was horrified.  Maybe we need to rename things.  "Meat from a slaughtered calf might not catch on. We could shorten it to "Dead baby calf".

Pork could be called dead pig and of course beef is dead cow.

Chicken could be called tortured bird to reflect the lives they lead.

In the mean time, it is good that even a small amount of justice happened.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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