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Memorial for dogs who died in kennel
There will no doubt be law suits and petitions later, but for now there was a memorial service for the dogs who died.
The community has really rallied around the families who lost their beloved pets.  Nothing can bring them back, but it is comforting to hold a service and share their grief and their memories with the community.

I really feel for the families. They trusted their pets to people who were supposed to care for them. That is a heavy sorrow to carry for the rest of your life.

I hope they can work together to get some better regulations for kennels and other animal care facilities.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It's good that a memorial service was held for these dogs. Bless their Souls.

But I cannot blame those who insist on legal action. They should. No-one should 'get away' with mis-management like this. A tragedy like that, or anything similar including negligence, must have some deterrent!
I think the memorial will help people to heal. They can share their loss in the company of people who understand.

The law suits are more about preventing this from happening again than they are about the money. Although the service dog was $30,000 and the money came from a fund raiser. That dog needs to be replaced because the child needs a service dog.

I can't believe they shut the door and left the dogs like that. People are so careless and irresponsible about their jobs. It is just worse when there are animals involved.
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