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Dramatic Manatee Rescue
A city worker in Jacksonville discovered a Manatee stick in a 36 in drainage pipe.
He alerted the right people and after a five hour rescue the Manatee was feed.
There is a video and it does have a happy ending. It takes a lot of effort, but they do manage to free him. He will be looked after for a short time before he is released.

I have just one question. The Manatee is 1000 pounds and nine feet long. I am 125 pounds and five feet long. I wouldn't try to crawl through a 36 in pipe. What was the Manatee thinking. I don't even know how so big an animal got into so small a pipe in the first place.

Well done first responders and rescuers in Jacksonville Florida. They saved the Manatees life. He could never have gotten out on his own.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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