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Future grim for dogs rescued from dog fighting ring.
A number of dogs were rescued from a dog fighting ring. They are in the custody of the OSPCA. That should be safe for them or is it. The OSPCA has applied for permission to kill the dogs.  Animal Justice and Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary have tried to block this. They have asked that the dogs be given a chance. Sadly their petition has failed.

It is unlikely that the OSPCA can be stopped at this point. So sadly these dogs have been failed by humans all their lives. Even their rescuers plan to kill them.

The people at Dog Tails Rescue and Animal Justice must be heart broken. They have tried so hard and they believe that these dogs could have good lives. Even if they couldn't go to proper homes, couldn't they at least be cared for at a loving rescue where they would know some human kindness in their lives. It is sad that so many dogs never had a chance to live good lives. They will die never having known love or care. At least someone tried to save them.
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Yes it is very sad.
From what I have heard, ex fighting dogs, so long as they had positive connections with humans, are generally very good with humans. No, they will never change, and so are a great risk to other dogs. They couldn't live on a street somewhere there were people walking their dogs every day, or play at a dog park. But with very careful treatment, and with the right person, they would be capable of living happy loving lives. Getting them adopted would be very difficult because they are truly 'special needs' dogs. But that doesn't mean it would be impossible.

The OSPCA are giving up on these dogs because it is the easiest way. Of course it's the 'easiest' way. Lethal injection and the problem disappears! It would maybe only take one day to get rid of that problem!

Placing these dogs with adoptive families/people would take time and expertise. Their board in the meantime would cost money. And it seems the law has a knee-jerk reaction to what are viewed as 'bad dogs', without wanting to explore alternatives.

This is so unfair. The dogs could do with some compassion and someone who was willing to work for them.
The dogs suffered so much when they were used for dog fighting. Surely they deserve better now. It is a "safe" cost effective decision to just kill them all. They could have all gone to Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. 

They would always be special needs dogs. They could be micro chipped with the information so there would be no danger to public safety. Not all damaged animals can go into loving homes as family pets. That doesn't mean there are no alternatives. Even if they  lived at a dog sanctuary for the rest of their lives, they still could have good lives. The volunteers at the sanctuary would give them love and care for them.

I know the case isn't completely over yet, but there isn't much hope. I am not happy with the OSPCA. Sometimes a dog can't be saved. It is too emotionally damaged. This is a whole set of dogs. They can't all be equally damaged. They haven't even tried to help them. Even if some of them are too brutalized to respond, there would be a number that could be reached by love. Those dogs do deserve a chance. It is a sad day when the OSPCA won't give a dog a chance.
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