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Vet in 900 mile journey to help Standing Rock horses
Authorities used dogs, plastic bullets and water cannons on those peacefully protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock. Many of the Native protesters had horses with them, and many were injured in the attacks.
A veterinarian in Utah decided help was needed for the horses and travelled 900 miles to help them.
Full story:
Thank-you for posting this.

I have been following the Standing Rock situation. I am against the pipelines and the damage they will do to the waters if they go through the area.  I support the protestors because they are right and because my grandmother was native/metis. 

I hadn't realized that the horses were being injured. Dr. Wright is an amazing person. She saw a need and she went to great lengths to help.  She is a true hero.  It is unbelievable that they are shooting at the protestors. It is unthinkable that they are shooting at their horses.

I am just glad that the land will be protected and the protests have worked. I hope no horses suffered serious injury.
The vet was really thinking when she brought her supplies. It made it possible for her to teach the protestors how to care for their horses when she is gone. So her gift of help will continue long after her departure.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

The people have a right to protect the land and the water supply. I am with them all the way.

It is a shame on the "authorities" that children and animals were involved in the oppression of this peaceful protest.
They have shot at children before when it is a "native" issue. We have a lot of land claims issues in Canada and years ago they killed and unarmed man who was park of a group occupying what was really their land in the first place. We usually don't have horses involved.

Standing Rock is Sioux territory so of course there are horses. As you say, it is a shame that they are so heavy handed against the protestors. They are just defending their land and their way of life.  I don't want an oil pipeline through my garden and neither do the rest of you. I am glad that people are able to stand up and defend themselves from the destruction of  a pipeline.

It is just sad that children and animals have been hurt in the process. The fault lies with a government that disrespects its people(Of course this describes most governments everywhere).
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