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Please help us save our dog!
Hi everyone,
My dog Chance is going through some medical emergencies and we are trying to spread our Go Fund Me page around so more people can see it and share it. 
Chance is the light of our lives and we love him more than anything.
So far we have already paid over $2,000 in emergency veterinarian visits and treatments.
He now needs to get an MRI, which costs $2,800 with a $1,400 down payment.
Please consider donating, and please help share our page!
Thank you so much! Heart
Link to third-party fundraising site removed. Please contact the member by private message via this forum if you wish to ask for full details.
Chance is currently being treated by CARES, a 24 hour veterinarian hospital in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.
If anyone is thinking about donating and wants to confirm that Chance is a current patient, their contact info can be found at , the patient name would be Chance Burger.
Welcome to the forum. I wish you well in your appeal, but it is not forum policy to allow links to third-party fundraising sites, as there is no way of verifying to whose account the donations will go or whether they will be spent as intended.

Anyone interested in donating can contact you by private message via this forum. However, it would help if you could give the name, address, website, email and telephone number of the vet doing the treatment and your client number. Potential donors can then verify the details with the vet and pay a part of the bill direct.

Edit 8 Mar 2017: Linsey has edited het first post above to include the vet's details. Thank you Lindsey - and every best wish for your dog, Chance!
Thank you Lindsey. This is exactly the sort of post we need to be sure the appeal is genuine. (Verifiable vet details with a sound link to that vet's office, plus a name.)

I really hope you get the funds you need to help Chance. Good luck and God bless.
Welcome to our Forum. I am sorry to hear that your dog Chance is unwell. I hope whatever treatment you can get restores him to health.

You did exactly the right thing posting a link to your vet. I wish you every success getting help for Chance.

Please let us know how Chance is doing.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Chance started having seizures on Sunday, February 26th at around 11:30 at night. We rushed him to CARES, an emergency veterinarian clinic, where they gave him medicine to help stop his seizure. He was started on anti-convulsion medicine. Chance stayed overnight, and was able to come home on the following Tuesday. When Chance first arrived home he was not acting like himself, but by Friday he was pretty much back to his normal self. We thought we were in the clear and that his anti-convulsion medicine that he takes everyday was keeping him from having seizures, but on Sunday night he had another seizure. We took him back to CARES and he has been there ever since. They don't want us to bring him home until he goes a full 24 hours without having a seizure. They are starting him on different medication tonight, so hopefully it works better than the previous one. We have visited Chance everyday that he's been at CARES. Tonight, the doctors told us that they believe he has a brain tumor. Our hearts are heavy. Please keep Chance in your thoughts and prayers<3
I am so sorry that things are not going well for Chance. Are they sure about the tumor and is there anything they can do for it?

We are all hoping and praying that things go well and the vet can stabilize Chance. I know how desperate you must feel. It is so hard when a beloved pet is unwell. You feel helpless and lost. You are among friends here. We all understand what you are going through and are here to listen anytime you want to talk.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

They are pretty certain that it's a tumor because of the symptoms he's showing. The only way they would 100% know for sure is if they do an MRI scan of his brain. I think that may be our next step. The vet is testing new anti-convulsion medication on Chance tonight because their goal right now is to keep him from having seizures. They also have him started on corticosteroids to reduce swelling in the brain..
The vet wants to do the MRI only if he can be stabilized, because as of now he is having focal seizures about every 5 minutes.
If we can get the MRI done and it shows there is a tumor in his brain, there are different treatments we can look at (radiation, removal of the tumor, etc).
Thank you for showing your concern for our Chancey, and for your kind words. I appreciate it so much.
It does sound like a brain tumor. I am glad there are treatment options available to you. It may be a serious situation, but there are ways that they can help Chance. It is amazing what they can do to treat tumors these days. I know Chance is very special to you and you must be so worried about him.  I really hope things start to improve soon. Just stabilizing him so they can get the MRI will be a big help.

It sounds like you have a very good vet. Chance is getting the best of care. I am sure they will do everything possible to make your boy well again.

Keep us posted. We are all hoping for Chance to be well and go home with you again.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Lindsey, I am so very sorry to read the latest news. As I live in France, I did not see your recent posts until now, because of the time difference. But I see that Catherine, bless her, has already replied to you.

I will look again at your fundraising page (I have let the link in your profile stay there, as you are clearly a genuine case).

Many blessings to you and dearest Chance!
We were able to bring Chance home tonight after being at CARES for 4 nights in a row. He isn't acting like himself (very skittish, tail tucked between his legs, staring at walls), but he did just start a lot a new medication, so hopefully he will start acting like himself again once the medication is in him for a few days. He goes back to see his neurologist in a week.

Thank you all for expressing your concern for Chance. It really warms my heart. He is such a sweet boy, I hope he gets back to feeling like his old self soon.

I will keep you posted with any updates.

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