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Dog rescued in the desert
Dog rescued in the desert or the importance of dog rescue stories.

We all love dog rescue stories and I can never watch just one. In this case it was because they had watched dog rescue stories that two German tourists knew what to do when they found a dog in the desert in California. They knew to call Hope For Paws.
Because of that Bailey was rescued and has received the medical help he needed.

I am still amazed at how quickly dogs respond to love when they are rescued and how much the dog is transformed from the before dog to the after dog by good care. Bailey is a beautiful dog. It is had to believe it when you look at him when he was first rescued.
Once again another happy ending. I hope he finds the perfect forever home.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I'm glad those young women stopped for him and were patient with him. They were determined to help dear Bailey. He really needed help, and it arrived! Bless them. And the Hope for Paws Rescue. I have watched many of their you tube videos.
I can never watch just one Hope For Paws video. Every area has rescue groups and they do amazing work.
It is because of people like that, a dog like Bailey has a chance.

It was good of the two tourists to stop and get help for a little dog. They are the first heroes in the story.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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