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Jail time for cow abusers.
Three years ago Mercy For Animals made public a video of dairy cows being abused at a B.C. farms.
Today the cows have received some manor of justice. Three of the men were given jail time for their actions.

This is a link to the original story. We did talk about it at the time.

There have been changes to the standards for dairy cattle because of this case. Now jail time for the abusers sends a strong message. It is not okay to abuse helpless animals under your care.
Well done Mercy For Animals. Their work has made this happen.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am glad to hear that justice was done for these cows. This is a good precedent because it does send a strong message, as you say. Managers in these places will have to keep a better watch on how the animals are treated. No creature deserves what these men did to those cows. It was heartbreaking to learn cows were being treated that way.
The company acted very strongly and fired people. New standards were brought in for animal care. It is still factory farming, but it doesn't have to be so abusive.

Jail time, however short, sends a very strong message.
I think we are less willing to tolerate the abuse of farm animals.
Even though factory farming has inherent problems we can still have some minimum standards of care.

This should make other companies pay attention to how their employees treat their animals.
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They can't stop people farming these animals but they can certainly do something about the ethical care of them they should at least be cared for properly they didn't ask for that life.
I am glad that there are better regulations to protect the dairy cows. The companies that buy the milk reacted strongly. They didn't want to be associated with animal cruelty. People were very upset by the videos. Pushing for better protection for the cows was the only way to calm people down.

They were protecting their businesses more than the cows, but the results were still better regulations.
The cows don't care why they are treated better. It is still not good enough, but it is better.
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