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Justice for Diamond
Diamond was a dog that was abused and hung from a tree. There is someone being charged for the crime. There is also a group who are rallying in Diamond's name. They want to create awareness about animals abuse and keep reminding people about what was done to Diamond.

These people have made the connection between animal abuse and child abuse. They recognize that abusers go on to commit more abuse. What they are doing is trying to protect their whole community, people and animals from abusers. If more people made the connection about human/animal abuse and the courts responded more firmly it could help curb they increasing number of abuse cases.
We need more groups like this.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This group is doing good work. Anyone who can do those things to an animal has something seriously wrong with them, and they could hurt a child or another adult even -given time. It's important to understand people who do these things are dangerous and psychotic.

Diamond is not forgotten. And neither are the other animal victims.
We live in a world that has sick people that do these bad things. The only way we can protect ourselves and the vulnerable that they prey on is to make sure it is known publically what they did. We have to push the courts to take these crimes seriously. I don't know if we can ever totally stop animal abuse, but we can at least stop repeat offenders. If we react strongly to the first signs of abuse we may be able to stop a lot worse  later.

I am glad Diamond has champions now. It doesn't change what he suffered, but it does give it meaning.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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