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A family drove 16 hours to rescue a dog
The Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter was full and faced with the need to euthanize dogs. They went on line and put out a plea for homes and offered the dogs for free. A family in British Columbia drove 16 hours to meet Joyce, a dog that so far had not been adopted.

Because this family was willing to go the extra mile, for 16 hours, Joyce now has a bright future in a loving home.
I love a happy ending. I hope all the dogs found loving homes. The  look on Joyce's face when she is in the car going home at last is well worth a 16 hour trip.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Joyce is a lovely dog and looks very happy driving away in their car. We hear of many 'bad things', but how good to hear about this family, who did that for a dog they didn't even really know.
I wish Joyce all the best in her new home. I am sure she will be very happy here. Her family sound like great people.
People really want to help save dogs. Any time a shelter  is over filled and in crisis, they should put out a public appeal or contact another shelter. There is no longer any need to kill animals in shelters.

People are willing to drive a long way to rescue a dog. No dog is unwanted.
Joyce is certainly a wanted dog. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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