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Dogs die in Kennel fire
My heart goes out to all the families that left their dogs at that kennel.
They were paying good money for their pets to be cared for safely while they were away and it doesn't sound like the animals were well looked after. No one was there to rescue the dogs when the fire started.

At $100.00/day I would expect there to be a staff member there at all times. Eighteen dogs/$100.00/day, that is $1,800/day. Couldn't he have had some someone there to at least call the fire department. I would feel sick if it was my pet.
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Oh that is so very sad and horrific.
Poor things. And my heart goes out to their people as well. How heartbroken they must be.
I can't imagine how they will cope with a loss like that. They trusted the kennel and left their pets there. I would always wonder if I could have done something differently.

I can't believe the kennel was left unattended. That would really make me angry.Angry
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The fault lies with the humans in charge. It's inexcusable that they left the dogs unattended. Human failings of one kind or another started the fire. It's quite heart-rending to even hear about it. I am so sorry to hear of this.
They do not sound very professional -or caring.
Poor things. They must have been utterly terrified.

And not what you expect when you entrust your pet to a professional service.
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I guess you cannot be too careful when you board your animals or have someone in to care for them. People would have assumed that there was someone there with the animals.

They are still not sure about what caused the fire.

Those poor dogs and those poor people who loved them. Smiley19
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ugh that makes me sick. See I have a running list of how I would run a kennel if I had my own. I would have at least one over night person there to care and watch after all the dogs. Mostly for emergencies. fire sensors and sprinklers would be a must. I don't think about fire that much but if something were to happen to a dog over night someone would be there to deal with it.
There needed to be some kind of alarm system or sensor. The fire department got there much to late to save any of the dogs.

I would expect there to be a person there overnight watching things. Often a person with a fire extinguisher can stop a fire. Failing that they could have gotten the dogs out.

I worry about fire and what I would do. I don't know if I could get all the animals out, but I do know how I could try. A kennel business should have thought about the possibility and done things to prevent it.
I think the kennel owner is devastated. I wish I knew what caused the fire.Undecided
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