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Sugar Glider
Big Grin 
I wasn’t quite sure where to put this post since we don’t have a marsupial section. BUT This next summer I might be getting a Sugar Glider!! Might as in a co-worker of mine has a boyfriend that has glider and when the girl is old enough he’s going to try and breed them. Which would be around summer time.
I already got a cage for it sometime in November. I found a ready good finch cage that’s a good size and with some additions and security measures I think it will be a ready good cage. I set it up today just to see what it looked like and it’s bigger than I thought. Which is good. I was worried it wasn’t going to be big enough. I’d say it’s the side of an average rabbit hutch. I sat Mia my boxer next to it and I’m pretty sure she could fit in it. Not comfortably but she could fit. I got it for $50. Which from looking at all the other cage prices I think is a steal. The others are $150 and up. It comes with 2 perches, 2 dishes, and the bottom where the pan comes out has bars so a curious glider can’t escape. I cared for a sugar glider a few years ago and that was the one thing I didn’t like about her cage. She knew how to slide the pan out and would escape, looking for me I can only assume. My mom walked in during one of her escape attempts and Suggie took one look at my mom and bounced back to her cage and hid. But when I saw that this cage had the bars I got really excited. It’s a really good cage. Now over the next several months I’ll buy toys and pouches little by little so by the time it comes down to paying for the glider I’ll already have had all the other stuff. I hate putting down a whole lot of money all at once. If I spread it out it then it doesn’t shock my wallet as much.
I’ve wanted a Sugar Glider ever since I got to take care of Suggie. Even if I don’t get a glider from my co-worker I’ll get one eventually. Now that I have this awesome cage I have nothing holding me back. I am going to wait until summer though.
Fantastic news. It sounds like you have the whole situation figured out. It was smart to buy the cage when it became available. You got a good deal on it. I buy supplies ahead like that. Then when the pet becomes available you can just bring it home.

If you don't get a baby this summer I am sure you will find another sugar glider somewhere. Now that you have a cage you can watch for one to be available.

They are cute. HeartI can see why you want one. Keep us posted on the set up and possible arrival of the actual sugar glider.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I'm a little angry at the breeder I'm suppose to get the glider from. I don't think I will get a glider from him now. The female is only about 9-10 months old and I just found out she's pregnant. They were suppose to be waiting until she was a year old before breeding her. From reading about breeding sugar gliders it doesn't sound good. First off at 9-10 months Lilly, the mother, is still growing herself. Not to mention she runs a high risk of rejecting her babies, eating them, birth defects, and hind leg paralysis for the mother. Most say it's better to wait until the female is 12-18 months old.
this site is not making me think very highly of Lilly and Joey's owners. I do know they are first time breeders but nothing makes me angrier than people who start to breed any animal without reading up on the do's and don't of breeding that animal. It's one thing if it's an accident but another if it's done on purpose like these people have done. I feel so sorry for Lilly and the position she has be put in. To add to the fact that they expect me to pay $150. Full price for a sugar glider that, if it survives, could potentially have health problems down the road.

Does any of this make since to anyone? I just keep praying she's older than they think she is.
on the other hand I have found pouches I want to get for the sugar glider I eventually get. I love the colors!

I can't decided which one I like better!!

there are too many pretty colors!!

now that I think about it. I should probably get 2 sets. that way when I take one set out to clean I'll have the other to put in the cage. that open up more possibilities Smiley58 Smiley29

I can see this one getting dirty fast!! But I do like it!
Wow, those are fancy. I don't know how you can choose. You are right, two sets would be good.

Once you get the set up ready, I am sure you will find the sugar gliders. These things have a way of working out.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I went ahead and bought the lime green tiger stripe ones. They are my favorite. The sculls sold out while I was watching so I'll just watch and see what other patterns they put up. I'm excited!!
Sugar gliders are so lovely. When I was a teenager I really did want one! I had a thing about sugar gliders.
It does sound strange, what the breeders have done. It sounds as if they are not educated /or she is older and they have that wrong. But I would say if there are any iffy feelings do not buy from them.
You would be better to wait and find a good breeder you trust.

I am glad you got the pouches you like. You do want the set up before you get the pet. I know I sometimes seem to bring home random pets with no warning, but I have various cages and set ups in my storage room just in case.
I never even heard of sugar gliders until more recent years. I think it was a hedgehog that I always wanted. It is nice to know that if you wait long enough you can fulfill a wish.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Unfortunately it may take some time finding a new breeder. I've heard of one but I don't know anything about them. I guess I have some research to do.
I don't suppose too many people breed sugar gliders. They are pretty specialized. Just keep searching. Out there is a sugar glider that is meant for you. Heart
When you find it you will be glad you waited.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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