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I have lost my beautiful Phoenix
Phoenix is one of the corn snakes that I bred. Four years ago I was so excited when he hatched. I remember looking into the egg box and just falling in love with him right from the egg. He was so  beautiful. 

This summer he developed trouble eating. He seemed to throw up  some of what he ate and then all of what he ate. Then he just stopped eating. I coaxed him into eating ten days ago, but it came back up. We actually tried special "tube" feeding. For a few hours I thought we might save him. It was almost 24 hours that he held  down the food and then that was it. He regurgitated and he was too weak to last. He died in my hands.

[Image: RgI6VqOUt8PX61AhIsPpNggheqPNR2aWGODFeSBv...=w489-h275]He was so beautiful and I wanted so much to see him grow into a big snake. I wanted to see him grow old surouned by children and grandchildren. I do have some very young babies that he fathered. They don't look like him, but maybe they will be sweet like him.

I think looking at the symptoms he probably had a bowel obstruction or something like that. Sadly there would be nothing we could do about that.

I guess I have known for weeks that he was dying. I just didn't want it to be true.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh poor little Phoenix. What a shame. He was not very old. It sounds like you are right and that was a bowel or GI tract blockage. Maybe it was a tumour or something.

He is a lovely looking snake bless his Soul. Heart  Be free now dear little Phoenix, with no more tummy trouble, and blessings to you.
I second what Tobi has written. It may sound trite to mention about a phoenix rising from the ashes, but in a sense that is true: he will indeed already be in his new astral body. No more tummy troubles, no more pain, no more being sick.

I'm sure that you will miss him very much Catherine. He is a very attractive snake. My condolences to you. But you will meet again later.
Thank-you for your kind words. I can't believe he is gone. When I let his mate see him so she would know he is gone, she bit me. She didn't break the skin, she just wanted me to know how she felt and I agree with her. I can put her with other snakes she grew up with so she won't be alone.

I have seen it coming so I have carried in my heart the fear and knowledge that he was dying. At least now it is over. It could have been cancer, that would fit the symptoms.

I have been so focused on trying to keep him alive that I have not thought about him now. Phoenix can join Earl and Raven and be in peace, free of pain and distress. You are right he is beautiful and strong and well again. He was so young to leave me and I hated to see him go, but sadly his body failed him. If I can't have him with me healthy and strong then at least I know he is out there strong again and free. He waited for me to be there before he died so he didn't want to leave me either. I did tell him he could go, that it was alright and then he left me. I shall start thinking of him out there strong and free. It is a peaceful thought.
His poor little body can rest with Earl and Raven under my beautiful Mountain Ash in my garden.  It is a gentle place, quiet and sheltered. Earl was a big gentle snake and he will look after my little one.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

How is Phoenix's mate doing recently Catherine? Is she settling with the others you put her in with?
I'm sorry to hear about Phoenix. He could have had a growth that over time got to the point food couldn't pass. The way you said he could keep some but not all makes me think that. Working that hard to keep an animal alive and they don't pull though makes you feel like a failure. You did what you could and he in no more pain.
Thanks Libby. We really did everything. I am really thinking there was a growth. For some time he could only eat small food and then even that wouldn't work. He wanted to eat and we tried everything. That last meal was pinkies and it didn't stay down.  He was weak by then and it was too much for him, but without a feeding he would have died anyhow. It was worth a chance.

Thank-you for remembering Phoenix's mate, Kateri. We can forget sometimes that the loss is not just ours. She is doing well with Firefly(male) and Laci(female). They know each other and they seem glad to see her. I know she will be fine with them.
One of Earl's last babies was living with Phoenix as well. It is a much younger snake and I have put him/her back with  a littermate. They can stay together for a while, then I will think about where they should live permanently. It does depend on whether they are male or female and it is early to be sure.

I know I only had Phoenix a short time, but he was so beautiful and I am glad I had the time I had.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

(10-25-2017, 02:30 AM)Tobi Wrote: How is Phoenix's mate doing recently Catherine? Is she settling with the others you put her in with?

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Phoenix's mate, Kateri has done very well. She has grown a lot and looks good. I do have one young son from Phoenix and Kateri.
It is a pretty snake and more the mother's colouring. 

It is still sad that I lost Phoenix. It was so unexpected. I really wanted to see him as a full grown snake. Still someday having his grandchildren around will be special.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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