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Woman forced to sell rare Ojibway Ponies
After a divorce the courts forced a woman to sell her rare Ojibway ponies. They are a very rare breed and she has nurtured then for many years. As a rare breed they are almost extinct.

The situation is critical for the breed.

Sometimes miracles happen. The horses were not bought for slaughter. They have gone to people who care about the breed and want to save them.

Losing the horses must be heartbreaking for Rhonda Snow, but at least the breed can be saved. Perhaps with all this publicity more effort will be made to increase the numbers and build up some good sized herds again. At least for Snow's horses there is still a future.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I'm curious as to why a court order made her sell the horses. With them being so rare you'd think she would sell a few or get someone that would want to breed them. That seems odd to me.
I think she was ordered to pay court costs in a divorce and she put them up for auction so they would have a chance of being purchased by breeders. Then she went online and generated interest in the ponies. That is why they ended up being bought by good people instead of being sold for slaughter.

I am really hoping this has generated interest in the ponies and work will be done to increase their numbers. 

This is an older article about Snow and her ponies.

I didn't know there were wild horses in Ontario.

There are people trying to save the rare breeds of horses. It is just very expensive to keep horses and they need a lot of land.
There are many more breeds than I ever imagined.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I have heard of Ojibway ponies. I think they are very old stock. That was all I knew up to now. What a pity she had to sell them as I'm sure they were better with her. But....the ways of the World, hey?

It's important to sell them to the right people, which she obviously worked hard to do.
It worked out very well for the ponies. The ideal would have been her keeping the ponies. Although maybe it is safer for them to be spread out in different locations. If almost all of the breed lives on one farm, a natural disaster could wipe out the whole breed.
We have seen enough natural disasters lately to know that anything could happen. I hope the new owners are serious about preserving the breed.

They are an interesting looking pony. They must come from horses brought over from France. The different wild horses and older breeds come from different stock a long time ago.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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