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Dumbo Rats
I'll get videos soon. I have some but I've been waiting to post them because I hadn't told my mom yet and she keeps telling me no more animals lol. Like that's gonna happen. So I just waited a few weeks but I told her now.
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I stopped admitting how many animals I have years ago. Smiley4
If I can sneak it into a pre-existing tank it doesn`t count as another animal.

Once you accept that you are going to be taking more animals you stop wondering if you should take another. 
By now your mother should be used to you and know that you are going to take more animals.
Pet rats are sometimes hard to rehome. Not everyone wants a rat as a pet. Of those that do, most want a baby rat because they are so sweet. You are giving your rehome rats a chance to live out their lives together and be happy. 

They are really a cute looking bunch. Taking in pets can be such a great experience. They look like they are a fun bunch.
How are the dogs reacting.

You can get the rats to recycle all kinds of things. They will chew up and make beds and bedding out of anything. They will eats lots of things too. They like the stems of the kale. I bet they would eat broccoli stems too. When the bread gets stale they will eat it and they will eat chicken bones. They even eat dog food.
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My mom still doesn't know about our plans to breed the Columbian Rainbow Boas but we are still 3 years away from that and we will have them in proper enclosures. Which she know we want more so as far as snakes go one more is no biggie. Plus they are easy to hide Smile
[Image: ABCCertifiedTrainer.jpg]
We have to dogs gated off from the rats right now. Fennec is a little too intrested so I don't want him to have the opportunity to do something when I'm not around. Bullet just love to watch them. It's like tv for him. It's adorable.
[Image: ABCCertifiedTrainer.jpg]
Your two dogs are very different in their, personalities. Is Bullet more mellow because of the basset hound. I seem to remember them as calmer dogs. It is wise to keep them from the rats for now. A dog looking at them could be intimidating. It is tough being a rat. So many things want to eat you.

You can always sneak another snake in. People don't count how many snakes in a tank. They don't really pay attention to how many tanks you have.

Snake people are very patient. We wait years for snakes to mature and breed. I think I have had the Mojave ball python for 4 years now. He is with a Mojave female and they could breed this winter. Maybe.  I wait years to breed corn snakes together. 
The only way I could breed Earl to Petra was to wait and breed a son of Earl to a Daughter of Petra. It was worth it! I have two babies in their first litter that I am keeping. They are that good.
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